See what’s possible with just an iPhone and Unreal Engine

Kite & Lightning is back with more Baby Yoda.

You might remember Cory Strassburger from his real-time Bebylon pieces where he used pretty much just an iPhone, an Xsens suit and Unreal Engine to perform and deliver a CG character with lip sync in real-time. The Kite & Lightning co-founder has now made a new Baby Yoda piece, see below, that employs his nimble set-up to help realize several characters.

The set-up, as contained in a release about the piece, was as follows:

All of the sets (Baby Yoda’s apartment, the desert environment), the stormtroopers and agent character were low-cost assets purchased via the Unreal Marketplace and CG Trader and modified to fit the storyline as needed.

Strassburger performed and voiced all of the characters from the comfort of his living room using a head mounted iPhone camera rig, and Unreal Live Link Face iOS app to map his performances directly onto characters in Unreal Engine.

Check out the piece below.

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