How this short film was a test bed for rigging and stylization tools, and new real-time compositing in Unreal Engine

Watch and learn from ‘Little Bird’.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to writer and director Chris Perry about his short film Little Bird.

What makes this short particularly interesting is its use of a number of bespoke tools for rigging characters, and for crafting a stylized look and feel in Unreal Engine. These were developed in conjunction with animator, technical director and filmmaker Raf Anzovin.

One tool made for the production is actually called Little Bird. It enables real-time multi-pass rendering and compositing in-engine. You’ll hear Chris talk about how it was built on top of Unreal’s own compositing plugin Composure.

We also discuss, in depth, the rigging tools Chris has been involved with, including ephemeral character manipulation tools.

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Listen to the podcast, and check out the short and a whole bunch of making-ofs, below.

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