AccuFACE Revolutionizes Facial Tracking from Live and Recorded Video

Frustrated with the reliance on expensive hardware for facial mocap production? Why not opt for pre-recorded videos for facial tracking? Maybe the technology wasn’t quite there in the past, or it wasn’t accessible to most. But now, the moment has come to put professional actors and video content at the forefront! See how a brand new technology can offer top-tier facial mocap and make collaborative production a reality.

Reallusion has introduced iClone AccuFACE, an AI-powered facial tracker that delivers high-quality facial animation, accurately in real-time. AccuFACE can seamlessly capture facial expressions from webcams, GoPros, or existing video files. By integrating Nvidia RTX GPU-accelerated AI technology, AccuFACE revolutionizes facial tracking by eliminating the need for costly hardware or subscription fees, making it accessible to designers of all levels. With the synergy of iClone and Character Creator, crafting new IP characters for professional facial animation is now within reach.


AccuFACE is capable of capturing facial expressions from both webcams and conventional video files.

  • Live Webcam: Compatible with standalone USB web cameras or laptops equipped with integrated webcams, AccuFACE offers optimal tracking resolution of 720p at 30 frames per second. Recommended webcam specs >

  • Recorded Videos: Rotate videos for mobile video recordings or footage from mounted helmet cameras.
  • Remote Collaboration: AccuFACE lets production studios seamlessly collaborate with professional actors or voice talents worldwide, liberating animation productivity from equipment dependencies and the restrictions of time or location.


Optimize Expressive Range

Calibration for personalized subtle expressions and precise brow movements.

  • LIVE MODE Calibration: Tailor the character’s facial settings to match the live performer with an easy-to-follow guided process, and receive immediate animation feedback for thorough refinement.
  • VIDEO MODE Calibration: When obtaining the ideal calibration poses from a single video source proves challenging, AccuFACE offers the flexibility to search for calibration frames across multiple video files.


AccuFACE offers a comprehensive toolkit to address the common facial mocap challenges, bringing artists several steps closer to achieving flawless animation, real-time filters to enhance tracking quality.

  • Strength Balancing: adapt regional strength adjustments to the actor’s individuality and balance expression intensity. Watch video >
  • Smooth Filter: Eliminate undesirable spasms from the tracking data as a result of exceeding tracking angles, excessive hair coverage, or uneven lighting and shadowing. Watch video >
  • Denoise: AccuFACE offers a comprehensive toolkit to address these common challenges, bringing artists several steps closer to achieving flawless animation. Watch video >
  • Anti-Interference: Cross-region interference and cross-triggering can lead to muddied expressions. AccuFACE interference cancellation can reduce unwanted head, brow, and mouth movements. Watch video >


AccuFACE captures synchronized audio data and facial animation, enabling the rapid generation of voice-synced animations using data from the webcam and microphone.


Timecode-based full-frame animation recording, independent of computer performance. Capture up to 60 fps of clean facial animation data without frame drops.


Incorporate subtle lips and tongue animation through integrated AccuLIPS technology. Be able to fine-tune viseme and lip shapes for flawless talking or singing animations.


By cleverly bypassing voice-to-text recognition, AccuLIPS can extend its capabilities to other languages beyond English. Lip detection and accuracy can be further improved with additional text scripts while free tools are readily available to convert non-English audio files into their romanized counterparts.

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