Don’t miss these ‘Mandalorian’ articles


Deep on the virtual production techniques

Two in-depth pieces in cinematography magazines, American Cinematographer and ICG Magazine, have covered the new technology used to help make The Mandalorian.

They include a look at the LED walls and the use of real-time game engine Unreal Engine and ILM’s StageCraft tech to deliver the dynamic content on those walls during filming, which ultimately meant a ton of in-camera VFX.

The pieces are heavy on the cinematography aspects, of course, but are fascinating to read. A new era of filmmaking is certainly upon us.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Ian. There was a sidebar I had done on the miniatures that got dropped from the ICG piece owing to space limitations — I probably had enough copy to fill the issue! — but it’ll probably show up on vfxvoice’s site if b-t-s pics get approved for use.

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