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Lion King, The Boys, the history of mocap, and more retro VFX.

Hi everyone, thanks as always for checking out befores & afters. It’s been a wild ride so far since the launch in March. I haven’t done a post like this for a while, but here’s a bit of a heads-up on what you’ll see soon on the site.

More Lion King! I’ve already dived into the virtual production side of the animated film, and on the incredible grooming work by MPC, but soon you’ll also hear about the VFX studio’s environments work, and why proceduralism was a huge part of making the landscapes.

The Boys Have you watched this on Amazon yet? Watch it. There’s some pretty striking VFX work, too. Hard to mention things without spoilers. But some of this upcoming coverage includes discussion about dolphin canons.

The history of motion capture This is a new series coming soon and will feature a range of articles on performance capture, mocap and where things are today.

Crowds A breakdown of 3 recent projects where concert crowds were king. Can you guess which ones they are?

Retro VFX You keep asking for them so I’m going to keep writing them. Get ready for movie VFX histories on Fight Club, Stargate, Stealth (yep) and more.

Thanks again for reading!

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