How to find befores & afters content online, in audio and video, and in print

A quick round-up of where you can find befores & afters stories, podcasts, videos and social media postings.

Well, somehow, befores & afters has suddenly become so many different things: a web articles resource, a podcast location, a print magazine. Plus there’s a lot of social media posting done by me, especially over at Twitter.

So, I thought I’d summarize where you can find it all really quickly in this post. Feel free to also reach out any time via email at

Thanks for reading/listening/watching!


The befores & afters print magazine has just geared up to go thematic (ie. each issue will be about a separate VFX topic) and monthly! Whoa! Find all the back issues, special issues, and notebooks at that link.


You’ll find all the befores & afters podcasts and VFX Notes podcasts (which is the review show I do with the amazing Hugo Guerra) at this link. They’re also on Apple Podcasts and all major podcast platforms.


This seems obvious because you’re reading befores & afters dot com right now(!), but of course so many online articles have now been published here.


befores & afters has a big presence on YouTube. Check out the channel for behind the scenes videos, podcasts, exclusives and more.

Social media

Twitter: @beforesmag

Instagram: @beforesmag

Facebook: @beforesmag

Linkedin: Ian Failes


The Patreon is one way to support befores & afters, plus you’ll receive bonus content, early access to podcasts and videos, and soon…be able to watch special befores & afters LIVE STREAMS.


Yep, there’s a weekly newsletter which has special updates, sometimes exclusive first-looks and often wrap-ups of major VFX coverage. Sign up here. It’s FREE.

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