Inside the mind of Phil Tippett in the final stages of ‘MAD GOD’

Collaborator Webster Colcord captured MAD GOD documentary images on 16mm film, combined with digital and optical sound.

Webster Colcord is a stop-motion and CG animator who has worked at Tippett Studio on several projects, including with Phil Tippett and his incredible MAD GOD. befores & afters profiled Colcord’s own animated shots on the film in issue #7 of the magazine.

MAD GOD is now available on Blu-Ray. That release features a beautiful interview/b&w visual piece that Colcord put together on Tippett from an audio interview he did with the director, and now you can also watch it below.

First, here’s Colcord’s notes on how it was made:

I pre-recorded and edited the dialogue digitally, then shot the optical sound in an Auricon CM-72 camera, then re-shot the images on the same film in a spring-wind H16 Bolex.

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Lenses: Switar 10mm & 25mm
Stock: Tri-X reversal

I was originally going to cut all in-camera, but I ended up doing some re-ordering of shots in the edit. The sound is a mixture of the original digital recording and the optical sound. Since the camera didn’t have a sync motor, I ended up having to chop up the digital audio at any pause in the voice track to re-establish sync.

Check out the piece here.

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