Here’s how to get access to Megascans Trees

They are now in early access on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Quixel Megascans has announced that the first pack of Megascans Trees is here. It’s available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for free, and is the result of detailed scans and detailed R&D relating to the way trees grow, react to light and wind, and respond to seasonal changes.

Now available is the European Black Alder, where you can find early access Megascans Trees with 22 unique models of various maturity to build a photorealistic forest. The pack is made up of nine forest trees, five field trees, six saplings and two seedlings.

The videos below give you an insight into Megascans Trees, plus a tutorial on how to start using them.

Find out more at Quixel’s blog post about the new early access Megascans Trees.

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