VFX Futures: The FreeMoCap Project

An inexpensive and open source mocap solution might be on the horizon.

In this brand new episode of VFX Futures, Ian Failes from befores & afters is joined by Jon Matthis, an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Northeastern University, who outlines the FreeMoCap Project, aimed at using open source markerless motion capture software to create an easy ‘in-click’ pipeline for 3D kinematic reconstruction.

Here’s the blurb from the FreeMoCap website, which states the goals of the project:

The Free Motion Capture (FreeMoCap) system leverages bleeding-edge markerless motion capture software (e.g. OpenPose, DeepLabCut, etc) to create a streamlined ‘one-click’ pipeline for 3D kinematic reconstruction.

This system works with arbitrary camera hardware and provides methods for synchronous recording of wired cameras (e.g. USB webcams) as well as the post-hoc synchronization of independent cameras (e.g. GoPros).

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The FreeMoCap project emphasizes ease-of-use, with the eventual goal of developing a system that will allow a 14-year-old with no technical training and no outside assistance to recreate a research-grade motion capture system for less than 100 US Dollars.

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