VFX Futures: How this new RenderMan Walking Teapot short film pays homage to an animated classic

We talk to Pixar’s Dylan Sisson about ‘Teapot Meets Potzilla’, a homage to Marv Newland’s ‘Bambi Meets Godzilla’ made with RenderMan’s Stylized Looks.

This week on the VFX Futures podcast, a fun discussion with Pixar’s Dylan Sisson to discuss his short, Teapot Meets Potzilla. The short features the famous RenderMan Walking Teapot and is a homage to Marv Newland’s Bambi Meets Godzilla, a hand-drawn animated film made in 1969. You can watch both films below.

Teapot Meets Potzilla was made using RenderMan Stylized Looks, a new toolset launched last year inside RenderMan. In particular, Teapot Meets Potzilla relied on Stylized Looks for realizing the teapot in a more hand-drawn style, including the implementation of ‘noisy lines’, ones that look like they are drawn freehand and vary slightly from frame to frame (just like the hand-drawn lines in Bambi Meets Godzilla).

Also, here are the details for Pixar RenderMan’s presentations happening on Thursday August 11th, including RenderMan 25, Stylized Looks, Teapot Meets Potzilla, the Lucy short and more.

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Bonus: In the podcast, Sisson also discusses his recent experiments with Midjourney. Here’s an example below, and see more at Sisson’s Twitter account.

One of Sisson’s beach artifacts.
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