How to see the making of a Blender film *while* it’s being made

Access the assets behind Blender Animation Studio’s new film ‘Coffee Run’.

The new short film Coffee Run, directed by Hjalti Hjálmarsson, just released by Blender Animation Studio, follows a woman platform-game style running through memories of her past relationship, all the while fueled by caffeine.

You can watch the film made with the open-source software Blender, below, but what’s also cool – if you’re a member of Blender Cloud – is that you can access all the production files, concept art development files, and other assets from the making of the film. There’s also breakdowns and walkthroughs available as videos. All this is Creative Commons.

‘Coffee Run’ scene transitions set-up.

These aren’t just available all at the end of the project; they’re actually part of the project while it’s being made. Checking out this material will show you how Blender 2.8 was used and how the non-photorealistic look of Coffee Run was achieved with the EEVEE render engine.

There’s character model demos, compositing notes and also a walkthrough of how the scene transitions were done with a mixture of Blender’s dynamic paint effects and comp. Tutorials are a big part of the Blender Cloud offerings.

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