How Blender Studio’s latest film, with a realistic human character, was made

Exploring the use of Blender’s latest features to make ‘Charge’.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to director Hjalti Hjálmarsson, a writer, director and animator with the Blender Institute. His latest project is Blender Studio’s 14th open movie, called Charge.

Make sure you watch the movie and the behind the scenes for it before listening to the podcast (you can find those below, along with Hjálmarsson’s special previs workflow video he mentions in the chat).

You’ll see in the film Blender Studio has gone with a highly realistic character, while also employing a game cinematic and real-time rendered look to the piece.

These are all things we talk about in the episode, including the concept of Blender Studio itself, where you can actually find a ton of materials about how these open movies are made.

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Here’s the audio podcast, below.

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