Connecting 3D scenes from DCCs to Autograph using USD

The next live event from Left Angle is Thursday June 8th.

Left Angle co-founder François Grassard and RE:Vision Effects’ Sebastián Bugna will demo using Autograph for 3D video projects in an upcoming live session. Watch it via the video below.

Time and date: Thursday June 8, 10 AM (PDT, San Francisco time), 7 PM (CEST, Grenoble time).

This demo will be beneficial for those who work with a 3D department to learn how to spec what is needed accordingly. The live session means you can interact and ask questions of the team.

You’ll see two workflows demo’d:

Workflow 1: See how to export different AOV (MV, UV, Depth and Cryptomatte – object IDs), import into Autograph, and use RE:Vision plug-ins ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB PRO) and RE:Map inside Autograph to assemble a video. Maya/Arnold will be used for our example, but the same workflow applies to other 3D apps such as C4D and other renderers such as V-Ray.

Workflow 2: Learn how to prepare scenes to export them as USD files from a 3D system and how Autograph can connect to them. Blender will be used but other DCC including Maya, Houdini, 3DS Max now support the USD scene file format. Discover new features in the latest release of Autograph including USD camera handling, for example, importing a 3D camera track.

You can click ‘Notify Me’ in the video below to catch the live session.

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