Learn more about Autograph and RE:Vision Effects at the Remote Production Conference

It’s happening May 18th.

The Remote Production Conference taking place on May 18th is featuring a session from RE:Vision Effects and Left Angle Autograph.

Time and date: Thursday, May 18th 2023, CEST 3:00pm, EDT 9:00am, PDT 6:00 am

Attendance is free, or you can also use the code REVISION20 for 20% off the VIP pass (which includes a surprise from Re:Vision Effects in the eGoodies bag). Attendees will get a chance to win Autograph Creator or a RE:Vision Effects Effections Plus bundle and other prizes to be raffled during the event.

Register here.

Here’s the details on the session:

RE:Vision Effects and Left Angle – flexible, efficient motion design and VFX applications for small and large teams working together or remotely

Speakers: Lori Freitag, RE:Vision Effects, and Francois Grassard, Left Angle
Thursday, May 18th / 9:00am EDT

Welcome to the world of RE:Vision Effects and Left Angle, where flexible, efficient motion design and VFX/compositing applications are designed to meet the needs of small and large teams working together or remotely. Our streamlined tools and applications have been meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate across multiple operating systems and various host applications, empowering independent creatives to tackle projects of any scale.

In remote production, it’s crucial to have a well- planned workflow that ensures both efficiency and quality. Join us to learn how to revolutionize your workflow so you can focus on unlocking your creative potential. Attendees will be automatically entered to win prizes, including a permanent Autograph Creator license.

Register here.

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