The befores & afters Patreon has evolved: get involved

See what the latest tiers are, including the new RETRO tier, to help support befores & afters.

I started the befores & afters Patreon a few years ago to help the site get started, and to launch the print magazine. It’s been AMAZING having a community of supporters to talk to and share exclusive pieces with. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed.

Patreons get access to many exclusive VFX and animation articles, early access to podcasts and videos, and tons of updates about the site.

As the site grows larger, I’d love to continue to interact with supporters. That’s why the tiers on Patreon have now evolved into 3 levels of support:

SPECIAL PATRON – $2 / month (USD)

PLUS PATRON – $5 / month (USD)

RETRO PATRON – $7 / month (USD)

What does each of these levels involve? Here’s a breakdown of the tiers, including the recently launched RETRO tier where you’ll receive a WEEKLY exclusive to Patreon article that goes back in time about visual effects (probably my most favorite thing to talk about).

A recent RETRO PATRON exclusive revealed that ILM had originally planned to include two fully CG triceratops in this watering hole sequence! Find out more here.

Here’s a look at the different tiers:


Access to the patron-only feed – as a SPECIAL PATRON, you’re making a huge difference by helping me make befores & afters a reality. Thank you! You’ll get access to the patron-only feed where you get access to occasional bonus materials (there’s even more on the next tier). As a patron, you can also have a hand in recommending future coverage, any time. You also get early access to VFX Notes podcast episodes, and EXCLUSIVE access to VFX Notes+ episodes, which are special live-streamed eps just for Patrons from me and Hugo Guerra. $2 / month (USD)


Stories just for you – as a PLUS PATRON, you’ll receive early access to select articles, and exclusive and early access to bonus and extended VFX articles, images, podcasts and VIDEOS! Plus everything a befores & afters SPECIAL PATRON gets. $5 / month (USD)


Retro VFX coverage just for you – as a RETRO PATRON, you’ll receive exclusive made for Patreon-only articles, podcasts, images and videos covering the retro side of visual effects, from old-school techniques to practical effects, miniatures and optical, and the early days of digital. Plus everything a befores & afters SPECIAL PATRON and PLUS PATRON gets. $7 / month (USD)

If you’d like to support independent visual effects journalism, and get more info on VFX from a trusted source, please consider signing up as a Patreon supporter!

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