How the hole-ly Veb in ‘Ant-Man: Quantumania’ came to be

From actor David Dastmalchian in fauxcap on set, to final gooey alien.

An audience-favorite in Ant-Man: Quantumania is the character Veb, a being in the Quantum Realm who desires to have holes.

Production visual effects supervisor Jesse James Chisholm told befores & afters that he was excited by Marvel’s early designs for the character, “and then David Dastmalchian came in and did the performance for every scene and and it was like, ‘Holy shit.'”

“He had his crouch, he had his arms and he had this certain movement.”

David Dastmalchian on set.

That sparked a slight re-design, engineered by Marvel concept artist Jamie O’Hara. “He took a scan of David, and how David was standing, and built based off of that, so we could be sympathetic to what David did,” says Chisholm.

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“It was such a joy to watch these people like David do what they do, and we really retained as much as of him as we could.”

Final shot by MPC.

Dastmalchian’s on-set performance was conducted in a fauxcap tracking suit. From Marvel’s revised designs, Sony Pictures Imageworks crafted an initial build of the character that gave it a jellyfish-like translucent quality.

Final shot by Imageworks.

Principal final Veb shots then consisted of MPC’s introduction of the creature in the Quantum Realm, while Imageworks delivered scenes when Veb finally does receive his much-wanted holes.

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