Inside issue #7 of b&a mag: animatronics, creature effects and Phil Tippett’s ‘MAD GOD’

The latest issue of befores & afters magazine has arrived!

Holy cow, befores & afters magazine is up to issue #7 already! And this issue is, as always, jam-packed with some in-depth coverage of all things effects-related.

The print magazine is 120 pages, and is generously supported by Reallusion.

What’s in issue #7?

Inside issue #7 of befores & afters magazine, you’ll find stories on:
– What it was like to work on Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD
– Behind the mind-bending effects in Tool’s ‘Opiate2’ music video
– Gregory, Goldie, Gault and…Matthew: The Sandman
– ‘All this is not to do with animatronics. It’s to do with characters’
– If you remember morphing, you probably remember Elastic Reality
– How The Boys VFX team crafted that heartbreaking octopus moment, and that penis scene

You can grab issue #7 (along with all the back issues) direct from Amazon. Here are links to worldwide stores (there are others too, so check your own marketplace)


Get ready…

A big change is also coming from issue #8 onwards, and I can’t wait to share that with you…in the meantime, hope you enjoy checking out issue #7!

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