b&a podcast: Behind the lighting tech behind those stunning scenes in ‘Ragnarok’ and ‘Love and Thunder’

Satellite Lab detail the evolution of their specialized lighting and imaging tech.

In this new befores & afters podcast ep, Ian Failes talks to Carlo Van de Roer and Stuart Rutherford from Satellite Lab about their in-camera lighting and imaging technology used on the two most recent Thor films.

The two main rigs the team have developed are DynamicLight (used on the Valkyrie flashback in Ragnarok) and Platelight (used for the Moon of Shame in Love and Thunder).

This fun and detailed podcast episode reveals how the rigs came to be, what they were used for in terms of slow-mo and ‘frozen light/time’ moments, and how they were built and utilized on set. You can also read befores & afters’ coverage of the Moon of Shame sequence with VFX supervisor Jake Morrison.

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Here, the Satellite Lab team explain the tech.

View a slideshow of imagery showcasing PlateLight on Thor: Love and Thunder.

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A brand new lighting rig helped make that beautiful black and white moon sequence in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ possible

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