Does A.I. kill art, the tech behind ‘Love and Thunder’, and getting a job in VFX

Here’s what befores & afters is up to this year at the VIEW Conference.

The VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy starts 16 October (see the program here), and it’s not too late to get tickets for the in-person event, or for online sessions.

This event is MADE for professionals. Head to Turin, and you’ll get incredible access to incredible speakers, plus there’s a range of extremely useful workshops and practical sessions.

befores & afters will be there in Turin, and is hosting three fun events at VIEW. Here’s a special preview!

1. What Nobody Tells You About Getting a Job in VFX

Trent Claus.

Ian Failes will sit down with Lola Visual Effects VFX supe TRENT CLAUS to discuss the key things you need to know about gaining employment in VFX. We’ll be sharing things that no one else seems to share. It’s happening Sunday October 16th at 2pm CET (in person and online).

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2. Artificial Intelligence: Killing Art or Improving It?

Art by Andreas Maaninka with text prompt: “perspective view of Holographic cell structures quantum computer chip with a galaxy inside, floating in the center surrounded by cosmic space, macro photography, micro processors, highly detailed view, octane render, cinematic lighting, glowing LED lights, –ar 3:1 –v 3 –s 5000”

A.I., machine learning, deep fakes, generative art, stable diffusion…these are hot topics right now, including how they relate to CG artwork, issues of ownership and the role of artists themselves. This in-person and online panel moderated by Ian Failes, taking place on October 20th at 1.30pm CET, looks at all of these issues and features the following:

HELENA PACKER, Visual Effects Supervisor
JASON YANG, Co-Founder & CTO, DGene

3. Lighting Rigs, Spiky Shadows & an AI Baby: the VFX of Thor: Love and Thunder

Jake Morrison (right).

Thor: Love and Thunder production visual effects supervisor JAKE MORRISON is joining Ian Failes online for this deep dive into several key sequences in the film. Join in (and ask any questions you like) on Thurs 20th October at 5:15pm CET

As always, love to catch up with anyone attending VIEW, please come say hi! I may even have a mag or two to give out…

Feature images by Andreas Maaninka.

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