VFX Futures: The evolution of Richard Linklater’s rotoscoped animation films

Behind the scenes of ‘Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood’.

In this latest episode of VFX Futures, Ian Failes from befores & afters talks to Tommy Pallotta, Head of Animation and Producer on Richard Linklater’s Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood, about the evolution of the rotoscoped animation techniques on this and a number of previous projects.

This new Netflix film follows the life of a young boy in 1969 Houston, around the time of the first moon-landing. To make the project, Linklater staged live-action scenes on a sound stage, with a team then using rotoscoping and 2D animation to bring the film to life.

Here’s how a typical scene came together.

Richard Linklater directs Milo Coy during the live action shoot.
Milo Coy as Stan in the scene.
Another shot from the sequence.

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