VFX Firsts: 25 years of Foundry

The founders of Foundry celebrate their quarter century birthday.

In this sponsored episode of VFX Firsts, we talk to the original founders of Foundry on the 25th anniversary of the company. Foundry is of course behind some of the most popular software used in VFX, animation and other creative industries, including tools such as Nuke, Mari, Katana and Modo.

Join befores & afters editor Ian Failes in conversation with Bruno Nicoletti (Foundry co-founder) and Simon Robinson (Foundry co-founder and chief scientist) as we go right back to the beginning–and before–to explore the early days, the first plugins Foundry sold, how the Nuke acquisition from Digital Domain happened, and the other key milestones in Foundry’s history.

Clock-wise from top left: Bruno Nicoletti, Ian Failes and Simon Robinson.

Show notes

– Check out Foundry’s website for a special timeline celebration of their 25th anniversary. Here’s a small taste of the fun images and info that is at Foundry’s site.

1996 – 25 years ago, Foundry was formed by Simon Robinson and Bruno Nicoletti in Soho, England.
2010 – Launch of NukeX with built-in Camera Tracker 2010.
2013 – Project Dreamspace launched, exploring the evolution of real-time filmmaking.

A visual history of Nuke, a previous timeline story specifically about the history of the compositing software, at befores & afters.

– The feature image for this podcast is from @thefoundryteam Twitter account, looking back at the building of a Foundry booth from NAB 2012.

– Upcoming Foundry 25 year celebrations at Foundry LIVE, a series of webinars starting September 21 covering the latest in tools such as Nuke, Mari, Katana, Flix, Modo and more.

Brought to you by Foundry:
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