Missing THU? There’s still a lot going on with the event

…including the Sony Talent League, which just announced Phil Lord and Chris Miller as mentors.

I would normally now have just come back from the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn event. It was in Malta in 2019, and had originally involved a new Japanese experience in early 2020 and then a different venue for the main event around this time. But, of course, COVID-19 intervened.

If you don’t know much about ’Trojan Horse’ (aka THU), it’s kind of hard to explain. It’s basically a melting pot for artists from many different disciplines (including CG, VFX and animation). Not only are there events to attend, the community feeling of THU extends throughout the year.

Which is why, despite COVID-19, THU events continue. First there was a live-streaming event called Kanpai! Live, which included special guests such as Blur Studio’s Tim Miller. Then there’s the online Sketchbook Series, featuring a range of artists like Kim Jung Gi.

Those events were great to watch; now a couple of new THU-related happenings are aimed at direct involvement from artists. The first is the Sony Talent League, which is an art challenge for creators between 18 and 30 years old. Head to that link for more information about what you need to create to enter.

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Applications are open until October 19. The prize involves three finalists receiving ten weeks of mentorships and funding of up to 12.500€. The public will vote on the final prize—the winner gets tickets for THU Japan 2021 and 10.000€ of prize money.

Excitingly, a pretty amazing group of mentors have been announced, most recently they include directors and producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

In addition to the Sony Talent League, THU has also announced the THU Career Camp by Lenovo. It’s an online event for helping people find new jobs and developing careers (and it’s free).

Keep an eye out on the Trojan Unicorn website for more announcements, including about THU Japan 2021. I personally think it’s an amazing community to be part of.

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