VFX past, present and future at VIEW

Old-school practical FX, and virtual production, panels to check out at the conference.

Coming up very soon is the VIEW Conference 2020. It’s being held on 18-23 October 2020, with a physical event in Turin, Italy, plus many sessions online. I’m hosting a couple of those, including two panels that will showcase two very different aspects of the VFX industry.

The first is ‘The Whole New World of Virtual Production’, happening on Monday 19th October at 10.30pm CET time. It will feature Jay Worth (VFX supervisor, Westworld), Sam Nicholson, (VFX supervisor, Stargate Studios) and Habib Zargarpour (head of film development, Unity Technologies). Each of these panelists has had significant recent interaction with virtual production and real-time tools on TV and film projects, so I’m excited to hear their real-world perspectives on LED walls, real-time rendering and opportunities in other virtual production areas. This is definitely one of the hot topics in VFX right now.

Then there’s ‘Are We in a Practical Effects Renaissance?’, a panel on Thursday 22nd October at 10.30pm CET. The panelists are Alan Scott (Legacy Effects), Jeremy Hays (special effects supervisor) and Simon Weisse (miniature effects supervisor and modelmaker). Audiences love–and often demand–practical effects, yet for a while there it seemed that everything had ‘gone’ digital. Now it certainly feels like more and more effects are attempted for real during filming. The panel will elaborate on recent projects the panelists have been part of, such as The Call of the Wild, Tales from the Loop and several Wes Anderson films.

I’m also moderating a discussion with VFX supervisor Phil Tippett on Sunday 18th October at 10.30pm CET. Phil’s going to go deep on his personal MAD GOD project–a preview of this talk still to come.

Head over to the VIEW website to see the whole programme, and register.

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