Dive into these 3 TVC VFX breakdowns

Cars, CARS, and perfume.

I came across these three visual effects breakdowns for different commercials, recently, and thought they would be fun to share.

It’s always fun to see how very specific ideas for TVCs are pulled off, and these three ads, which cover perfume and cars, use some of the classic VFX techniques.

Check them out, below.

Lacoste ‘Match Point’, VFX by Mathematic.

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Some notes on the production from Mathematic: A pair of lovers volley for each other’s affection atop a picturesque bridge in Lacoste’s passionately playful new spot “Match Point.” Directed by creative duo We Are From LA of Iconoclast for French ad agency BETC, the commercial is elevated to unexpected heights with CG visuals by Paris-based VFX studio Mathematic.

Ahead of the project’s on-location shoot, the Mathematic team worked with production to develop a detailed previs animation that was closely followed over the three days of filming, with Mathematic VFX Supervisor Yann Aldabe providing on-set support. For the most creative flexibility, Mathematic artists created a CG replica of the practical bridge using photogrammetry combined with 2D and 3D CG enhancement to craft the background city skyscape.

“We knew the bridge was going to be a character itself in the project so we focused on creating a high fidelity version of it that would allow for us to seamlessly connect the story as well as visually distinguish the two sides,” said Sebastián Eyherabide, VFX Producer, Mathematic VFX. “Even though more than 90-percent of the spot features CG, our goal was to keep our efforts invisible. The final shot was especially tricky in that we had to convey this spectacular feeling from the girl’s leap but still keep her character readable with the entire city at her back.”

BMW ‘New BMW 5’, VFX by UPP 

Notes from UPP: Just as every boy dreams of having a BMW, every post-production house dreams of making a BMW commercial. Knut Burgdorf, the director of Hochkant Film, brought us on board to create 4 hyperrealistic CG scenes for the new BMW campaign. We’ve supported our pipeline with Unreal Engine which gave us a huge boost, especially in previz production. The whole process was classified with the highest security level, so what could be more thrilling for boys than working undercover on a BMW commercial?

Hyundai ‘This Is How You Dare’, VFX by Ambassadors 

Ambassadors runs down the production: Our task was to create sleek and surreal visual effects that seamlessly shift the viewer from one world to the next. At 80 km/h. After some careful pre-planning between Amsterdam and New York, we were on set for five nights in Buenos Aires to make this happen.

“This is the kind of work every Flame Artist dreams about,” says VFX Supervisor Inti Martinez. “It allows the artist to be involved in the whole project, from concept through to completion. Not to mention, the crazy fun night shoots that took us from one of Buenos Aires’ highest buildings to a boxing run, then a CraneTruck in a tunnel onto a basketball court.”

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