Framestore demos deepfakes in a great ‘back to basics’ explanation

And the video is LOL.

Deepfakes are everywhere right now. Often, they’re made by researchers and individuals, with astounding results. Now VFX studio Framestore has got in on the action, via a presentation they made at the Cannes LIONS Live virtual creativity festival.

Here, Framestore’s Mike McGee and William Bartlett introduced a Boris Johnson and Donald Trump deepfake video and then explained some of the tech behind it; A.I., machine learning, and training of neural networks. It’s actually one of the first times I’ve watched a plain-language examination of deepfakes.

First, here’s the Johnson/Trump video:

Now check out Framestore’s presentation at the Cannes LIONS site. They also talk about where machine learning can extend to other VFX areas, such as rigging as well as mixing faces together (possibly for future digital make-up purposes).

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Meanwhile, there’s a preview below of the presentation from Cannes LIONS’ Twitter account.

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