Come hang out with ‘Mandalorian’ animation supervisor Hal Hickel

He’ll be sharing stories from the show in a special preview of VIEW Conference.

I’m excited to announce the details for a special ‘PreVIEW’ session of VIEW Conference that I’ll be hosting with Industrial Light & Magic animation director Hal Hickel. We’re going to be discussing The Mandalorian!

Hal Hickel.

Hickel is an Academy Award winner for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and a further three-time Oscar nominee.

For The Mandalorian, he oversaw the animation for all manner of creatures, vehicles and characters, as well as playing a key role in visualizing ILM’s miniature and motion-control shots featured in the show.

Our chat will be FREE and online on Saturday, 27th June at 2.30pm PT / 11:30pm CET / 07:30am+1 Sydney time.

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You’ll be able to watch at

Meanwhile, the VIEW Conference is on track for taking place in Turin in October, with a number of online sessions also planned.

This event is co-produced by VIEW Conference, OGR and befores & afters.

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