Create, edit and preview your real-time scenes in Unreal Engine’s Sequencer

Unreal Engine's Sequencer

A video guide to Unreal Engine’s Sequencer

If you’ve been making interactive content in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a powerful way to bring it all together is via Sequencer. It’s a multi-track editor in which you can create and preview cinematic sequences in real-time. The idea is to make your cinematics for viewing in-game or even render out image sequences for further editing.

In this exclusive video below, you’ll get an oversight of the tech behind Sequencer. Also, a demo of how to actually use it and get started editing your real-time scenes.

Now that you’ve seen what Sequencer can do, here’s a bunch of places where you can go to learn even more:

1. Detailed files – Unreal Engine’s own detailed documentation on Sequencer.

2. ‘Your First Hour in Sequencer’ – a video course that gets you up and running, quickly. There are other great Sequencer courses in Unreal Engine’s Course Library, too.

3. Example projects – here you can download full Unreal Engine sample projects to try out Sequencer with, such as this subway scene.

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