This ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ stuntviz reel is intoxicating

Terminator: stuntviz

Check out both the stunt coordination and temp VFX to help map out the scene

Philip J Silvera was a supervising stunt coordinator on Terminator: Dark Fate. On his Vimeo page, he’s posted a stuntviz reel showing stunt performers acting out the final turbine fight from the film. I believe this reel is also featured on the Dark Fate DVD/Blu-ray.

The VFX work on that stuntviz reel was by Christopher Clements from FXitinPost.

What’s incredible to watch about stuntviz, I think, is the artistry not only behind the stunt coordination, but also the editing and temp VFX added in to give a very clear flavor for how the final scene will look.

What you see are weapons, gun-shots, blood hits, and liquid metal splashes added in to help communicate the intensity of the fight; it’s really cool to watch.

You can check out the reel at Silvera’s vimeo page, above, and also his other work on projects such as Daredevil and Non-Stop.

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