Don’t watch this until you’ve seen ‘1917’

I’ve had a few incredible cinema experiences this year. Watching Toy Story 4 at Annecy was one. Another was the screening I went to for 1917. I’ve never seen audience that quiet for the ENTIRE length of the film.

It’s simply gripping. And as you probably know, that’s partly because the film plays out as a oner.

In this new featurette, the filmmakers behind 1917 explain how that was done. This includes the input of DP-superstar Roger Deakins.

I’m going to say, DO NOT watch this video until you’ve seen the film. However, it’s nice to see a lengthy making-of like this available prior to release. My only bugbear, of course, is there is no mention of the VFX work, which is clearly part of stitching together takes, extending environments and adding in certain CG elements.

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