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Get a very different kind of ‘behind the scenes’ experience with these Jeff Bridges photographs

It’s rare to go behind the scenes of a movie, like, really behind the scenes. But these candid personal photographs by actor Jeff Bridges, published on his own website, do exactly that.

And, importantly, there’s a whole bunch of effects-related imagery to check out as part of Bridges’ photo collections.

Several of the actor’s films are featured, including Iron Man, TRON: Legacy, Seventh Son and RIPD. You find yourself inside production meetings, on set, and sometimes with the practical and digital effects crews. Bridges also adds fun notes to the frames.

Photos like this are just not commonly available, so it’s a great insight into those particular productions. (The almost book-style old-school site is also a nice departure from the usual kind of website browsing).

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Bridges has already published a book of his photographs, and, excitingly, another is on the way, which you can pre-order here.

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