View, review and collaborate on huge 3D assets, anywhere

Nira tool

A new tool called Nira is making it possible.

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At SIGGRAPH 2019’s Real-Time Live! event, one of the presentations was from Nira, a new tool I thought would be cool for more people to hear about.

Nira is a collaboration platform allowing for huge 3D assets to be viewed in real-time, with a big difference: it can happen with any web browser on any device.

Nira is able to do this using high frame rate server-side rendering, low-latency video encoding and artist friendly markup tools.

Interactively review, organize, and collaborate on 2D/3D art and design assets across your entire pipeline. Any filesize, any renderer, any browser, any device, anywhere.

The idea is to be able to upload, track and view these assets anywhere, and also collaborate with others on them. It works with enormous files because the client device used to view the assets, which can even be a mobile phone, only needs to be able to decode a view stream; Nira ingests the original asset and optimizes it for fast loading.

Here’s Nira’s presentation from SIGGRAPH:

And you can learn more about the platform at their website:

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