Where to read and find out about how ‘The Lion King’ was made

The Lion King shooting

I’d give a spoiler warning, but you totally already know what happens in the  movie.

Jon Favreau’s The Lion King is out this weekend, and there’s already a couple of places you can watch and read about how the all-CG and virtual production was brought to life.

Start with this American Cinematographer article, by Michael Goldman. It goes in-depth with DOP Caleb Deschanel, ASC and visual effects supervisor Robert Legato, ASC, plus other members of the crew to discuss how VR, the Unity game engine and work by Magnopus and MPC enabled a like-live-action approach to building the film. Great behind the scenes images here.

The Lion King Cinematographer
An excerpt from the American Cinematographer article.

Goldman is also the author of the upcoming making-of book about the film, which you can get at Amazon.

The Art and Making of The Lion King
The Art and Making of The Lion King.

Another place to learn about the film in more general terms is via this ABC News Nightline report, which includes a little footage from the virtual production shoot.

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Heading to SIGGRAPH? There’s a couple of panels and talks planned on The Lion King, too:

Disney Presents: The Making of The Lion King

DMP Without DMP, Full-CG Environments for “The Lion King”

NVIDIA Presents: The Future of Filmmaking with Rob Legato and Ben Grossmann

And of course, keep an eye out at beforesandafters.com where I’ll be posting coverage of The Lion King soon.

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