Come to Switzerland, learn about CG actors

CG actors

ILM, MPC and Cubic Motion will be diving into their CG human and character workflows.

If you happen to be in Europe over the next week or so, why not ‘drop in’ to the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland. On Tuesday, 9th July, I’ll be hosting a series of visual effects talks, including on computer-generated actors.

Presenting their work will be ILM animation supervisor Michael Lum (on Hulk from Endgame), MPC visual effects supervisor Kamen Markov (Elton John / John Lewis commercial) and Cubic Motion president Andy Wood (on their Persona performance capture toolset).

Also on Tuesday, reps from RISE FX and Pixomondo will be talking about their visual effects efforts on Dark and The Wandering Earth.

You can find out more at NIFFF’s website. Please come say hi!

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