How FXhome channelled ‘Stranger Things’ in its Upside Down-inspired tutorial


Part of our new focus on a wider set of VFX tools.

At befores & afters I’m looking to highlight some of the VFX work being done, and the VFX tools being used, that aren’t necessarily just those related to major film and television productions and major visual effects studios.

One of the companies out there offering alternative tools is FXhome, known for its HitFilm Pro suite of editing, compositing and VFX software. To demo what HitFilm Pro is capable of, FXhome has made a tutorial that also taps into the impending release of Stranger Things 3.

In particular, the tutorial utilizes an integrated Foundry 3D camera tracker (coming soon in a July update to HitFilm) that helped the team produce thundering skies, ash flakes and spooky grading.

You can check out HitFilm at, which also happens to have a 25% off sale right now, and watch the tutorial below.

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