The miniature effects of ‘Henry Sugar’, and where you can see more from Wes Anderson

Make your way to the Museum of Cinema & Miniature in Lyon, France.

Here at befores & afters, we’ve been lucky enough to cover the work of miniature effects supervisor Simon Weisse over a few projects, including many of his collaborations with director Wes Anderson.

One of those recently was Asteroid City, and another was The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

Weisse has overseen both props and models/miniatures for several Anderson projects.

Soon, a collection of props, sets, miniatures, costumes and original characters from Wes Anderson films will be on display in a permanent space at the Museum of Cinema & Miniature in Lyon, France, starting on October 14, 2023.

These include pieces from Fantastic Mr.Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle of
Dogs, Asteroid City
, and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

Fantastic Mr. Fox miniatures at the Museum.

Wes Anderson will be present in Lyon in October as part of the Lumière Festival.

In the meantime, be sure to check out these recent Instagram posts from Simon Weisse showcasing the miniatures work for Henry Sugar.

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