Blowing up model airplanes for a film (against hobby shop owner wishes!)

Plus, an amazing use for Nestlé Cremora creamer…

This week on the befores & afters podcast, a chat with special effects coordinator Matthew Stratton about his miniature plane explosions and full-scale explosions for the Michael B Chait film Wolf Hound.

This is a film I was able to cover in-depth in terms of its VFX overseen by Ryan Urban from Turncoat Pictures already at befores & afters. And this interview with Matthew is featured also in issue #10 of befores & afters magazine.

But now here is the original audio interview, which I think is a lot of fun looking at the explosive effects, and even a rather surprising use of Nestlé Cremora creamer that usually goes in your coffee. Plus, you’ll never look at old 80s and 90s gasoline SFX explosions the same ever again…

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Below, listen to the podcast and check out a breakdown from Ryan Urban for the film.

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