Be the first to get issue #1 in e-book form

Issue #1 is available right now as a print AND a digital Kindle e-book on Amazon.

Ever since I started making befores & afters in print, people have been asking me if it can be released digitally.

Well, I wanted to keep the magazine something special–something to hold in your hands–and it still will always be. But I’ve learned the print version is not something everyone can get easily, so I’ve decided to progressively release past issues of the mag in Kindle form at Amazon.

This starts with issue #1, and then I’ll slowly roll out the other issues over time. Here’s the link to the US Store, but make sure you check your local store, too (there are a bunch of links below to the different stores).

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Here’s what’s inside issue #1 of befores & afters magazine:
– The great capes in VFX history
– Stuffy stories
– Whatever happened to rotoscoping?
– VFX artists vs. the Golden Gate Bridge
– ‘Jar Jar changed movies’

Amazon stores: USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Japan, India.

Hope you enjoy the e-book edition, which is exactly the same layout as the print one!

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