Issue #11 is here, and it’s all about AI in VFX and animation

100 pages on new AI tools, how VFX studios use machine learning.

It’s hard to ignore the paradigm shift that AI/machine learning/deep learning is bringing to visual effects and animation right now. Which, made it an obvious candidate for a full befores & afters magazine issue on the subject. However, I was keen to try and cover concrete examples of where AI tools and techniques had been utilized, not just ‘this is the future’ kind of stories.

So, issue #11 of befores & afters was born, and it features in-depth case studies on exactly that, from already released films. Plus, there are several tools profiled here that have seen extensive use and interest from the VFX and animation community.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in issue #11.

– Wētā FX’s real-time depth compositing and new facial animation toolset on Avatar: The Way of Water
– Digital Domain’s machine learning research used on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, She-Hulk and The Quarry
– Wonder Dynamics’ Wonder Studio platform
– Refuge’s koids on The Peripheral
– MARZ’s Vanity AI tool
– RenderMan’s new machine learning Denoiser
– Flawless TrueSync software
– Retina Imageworks’ deepfakes on The Wandering Earth 2
– Foundry’s CopyCat toolset in Nuke
– Rising Sun Pictures’ baby Thor for Thor: Love and Thunder

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As always, you can find issue #11 at Amazon stores around the world. Here are just some but please head to your local marketplace.


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