Issue #10 of befores & afters magazine goes deep on practical effects

Coverage of the latest in creature and make-up effects, miniatures and in-camera effects.

I’m excited to announce the arrival of issue #10 of befores & afters magazine, it’s a full issue covering practical effects–from models and miniatures, to rain effects, pyro, make-up and creature effects and even wave machines.

Issue #10 is all in on practical effects.

Inside you’ll find coverage on:

– the special effects of Gangs of London
– Riri’s Ironheart suit in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
– the miniature train crash in RRR
– make-up and creature effects in season 2 of Carnival Row
– model airplanes in Wolf Hound
– effects experiments for Don’t Worry Darling
– creature effects in Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities
– make-up effects in Mongrel
– puppet builds for Pinocchio
– the making of Raccacoonie in Everything Everywhere All at Once
– the development of Rain Bars
– the wave pools and current machine in Avatar: The Way of Water

There’s 100 pages here of pure content, I hope you enjoy the articles and interviews and a whole bunch of exclusive images.

befores & afters magazine is proudly supported by Reallusion.

You can get the mag at Amazon worldwide, here’s some specific stores below but don’t forget to check your own marketplace.


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