Issue #9 of the magazine is here!

This latest issue focuses on feature animation.

It’s arrived: issue #9 of befores & afters magazine in print! And it covers feature animation, with in-depth articles on:

– Walt Disney Animation Studios and Strange World
– DreamWorks Animation and Puss in Booths: The Last Wish
– Sony Pictures Imageworks and The Sea Beast
– Animal Logic and DC League of Super-Pets
– Fuse FX and Wendell & Wild
– Pixar and Turning Red
Pinocchio (puppet fabrication, cinematography, animation and VFX)

Now, you may have noticed some of these articles are already online pieces at, but I thought they were so visual and also so interesting, that they warranted ‘reprints’ in the print mag.

Something else you may have noticed is the cover. I’ve decided to now include the befores & afters logo for handy reference.

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Inside issue #9 of the mag: detailed pieces on del Toro’s Pinocchio.

OK, there’s another new thing too: the cover wraps around the mag! This is a feature that was part of the earliest incarnations of befores & afters magazine, and I really missed it. So it’s back. I apologize that it makes the spines inconsistent across issues. But I think this is a more fun way to showcase ‘fuller’ imagery from VFX and animation productions.

One final new thing. The magazine has gone from 120 to 100 pages. Partly this is simply to make the cover price just a little cheaper. And partly I feel like that’s the ‘right’ size for the mag.

Oh, and by now hopefully you will have realized the magazine is MONTHLY. I’m really excited about this, and the fact that each issue is on a different topic (in this case, feature animation). Next month’s issue I can reveal right here is on practical effects. Very excited!

A fun tech article in issue #9 on the development of a shot sculpting toolset by Animal Logic for Super-Pets.

Grab the issue here at Amazon (that’s the US store link). Here are the store links for elsewhere, and please try your own store as well–it’s available in many countries.


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