The latest issue of befores & afters magazine goes deep on VFX art departments

The designs in Nope, The Witcher and more–from the point of view of the VFX studios.

Issue #8 of befores & afters magazine is out! It extensively covers the work of VFX art departments.

These departments regularly continue or even initiate the production designs for major sequences in films and series. Issue #8 showcases some of the biggest projects in recent times.

Featured in this issue are interviews on:
– MPC’s concept design and previs for Nope
– Wētā FX on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
– Framestore on Ready Player One and Fantastic Beasts
– Digital Domain on Ms. Marvel
– Cinesite on The Witcher
– Rodeo FX and Pixomondo on HALO
– Jellyfish Pictures on Prehistoric Planet
– Animal Logic on its USD shorts
– Narwhal Studios on The Book of Boba Fett

A quick flick-through of issue #8!

The articles featured in issue #8 are exclusive to print. Why not enjoy holding this issue in your hand, alongside all available back and special issues of the mag?

You can buy issue #8 and back issues directly from Amazon. Here are some direct links to stores around the world, but additional stores also carry the issues.


Inside MPC’s concept designs for Nope.

A big thank you to Reallusion for sponsoring this issue. The non-profit organisation featured in issue #8 of the magazine is Bric Foundation.

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