Scott Eaton on the state of A.I. in art

Generative art, Midjourney, A.I., neural networks, machine learning: what it means for artists.

In this week’s befores & afters podcast, Ian Failes chats to artist, designer, and photographer Scott Eaton–well known for his work in anatomy and digital figure sculpting–on his use of A.I. in his own art, and his take on where A.I. in art is going.

Eaton has worked and consulted with several VFX studios, and regularly holds workshops and courses for artists. He’s been experimenting with A.I. in his art for several years.

Humanity (Fall of the Damned), by Scott Eaton.

The interview took place at the VIEW Conference in Turin.

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Check out the podcast here or embedded below.

Feature image credit: Dessignare Media. Photo by: Damné Jesús

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