ILM’s Hal Hickel on how nostalgia and CG backlash can affect the perception of VFX

The ILM animation director gave this fantastic talk at VIEW Conference this year.

What’s “real” and what’s “fake”? This was a question posed by ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel at VIEW Conference 2022 in Turin, Italy, where he examined our perceptions of old school physical VFX versus modern CG techniques, and the ways those perceptions shape our response to what we see on screen.

Exclusively at befores & afters, you can watch a section of Hickel’s talk which was called ‘Puppets Versus Pixels: How Nostalgia & CG Backlash Affect Perception of VFX’.

The full talk is available on VIEW’s On-Demand section (tickets here), where you also get access to a whole lot of the recorded talks from this year.

Check out the preview of Hal Hickel’s presentation, below.

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