Kevin Baillie on the virtual production of ‘Pinocchio’

An array of VP techniques helped make the Robert Zemeckis film possible.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, Ian Failes chats to VFX supervisor Kevin Baillie about the virtual production methods utilized on Robert Zemeckis’ Pinocchio.

We caught up with Baillie at the VIEW Conference in Turin.

A whole range of methods, from different companies, were employed. These included:

– actual puppet sculpts done by Creation Consultants that went through scanning and photogrammetry to inform the digital Pinocchio and Sabina. Creation Consultants also crafted full-color fur reference spheres for Honest John, the donkeys and other furred characters

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– virtual real-time environments/sets built in Unreal Engine by Mold3D

– previs-style animation by MPC (which of course would go on to produce final animation and visual effects)

– real-time environments and animation brought together by Halon Entertainment, ready for use on virtual stages

– ‘out-of-view’ LED walls running specific content, orchestrated by Dimension Studio. Dimension also provided simulcam services

– wide area camera tracking using a system called AirPixel, from Racelogic

There were other tools and techniques used, too. Hear more details in the podcast with Kevin Baillie.

Feature image credit: Dessignare Media. Photo by: Damné Jesús

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