When you come to the VIEW Conference, it’s more than just amazing speakers

The program is out, and so are details about recruitment, workshops and special sessions.

It’s hard not to get excited about the speakers turning up to VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy this year. Here’s just a few of the big names attending for the 16-21 October event: Rob Minkoff, Shannon Tindle, Peter Ramsey, Nora Twomey, Chris Williams, Marc Petit, Ron Bredow, Kristine Belson, Hal Hickel, Kevin Baillie, Paul Debevec. There are so many more. The list is long, as it always is, with a mix of VFX and animation and metaverse talks.

This year I would say that there’s also a range of other events happening at VIEW that are particularly suited to new artists, pros and anyone interested in VFX and animation.

Getting a job: real advice

First, there’s a recruitment fair with several studios participating. These include ILM, Trixter, Axis, Rotomaker, El Ranchito, Alps Studios and Framestore. So, bring your CVs!

I’m excited to also be hosting a session with Lola VFX supervisor Trent Claus called ‘What Nobody Tells You About Getting a Job in VFX’. It’s going to be more than where you should study and how long your reel should be…

Buy Me A Coffee

There’s also several ‘career journey’ sessions and portfolio reviews being done by real people in the industry. These kinds of things don’t happen everywhere, so I strongly recommend taking advantage of them. Just check out the program for when these are taking place.

Lola’s Trent Claus.

Practical workshops

Want to get pro storyboarding or life drawing advice from animation director Kris Pearn? How about NUKE tips from expert (and amazing VFX Notes co-host) Hugo Guerra? Or could you do with Houdini, real-time or even paper sculpting skills? All these, and more, come in the form of workshops at VIEW, and I regularly talk about them being VIEW’s secret weapon. That’s because they are regularly delivered by industry professionals and also pros with LOTS of training experience. Find all the workshops in the program.

And more from me, too

In addition to the job chat with Trent Claus, I’ll also be moderating a session on Thor: Love and Thunder with VFX supe Jake Morrison. You might just see my pop up hosting other presentations at VIEW, too.

Here’s the VIEW website again for all the info, including how to buy tickets. Hope to see you there.

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