Part 2 of the VFX Notes podcast on ‘RRR’ is here!

Throwing leopards and punching tigers.

This week on VFX Notes, Ian Failes and Hugo Guerra wrap up our coverage of the global phenomenon that is RRR. We discuss the tiger sequence, the Intermission fight, fighting with hoses, the use of Blender in the film, the tiger punch and the leopard throw, the prison break and the final forest fight.

Don’t miss Part 1 of our coverage of RRR.

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00:00:00 – intro and sponsors
00:01:18 – podcast begins
00:04:01 – tiger sequence
00:07:06 – the blue stuffie
00:10:49 – the style and the hyper-real
00:15:04 – tiger chase previz by CNCPT
00:18:59 – Intermission fight
00:21:59 – consistency between shots and VFX vendors
00:24:14 – fighting with hoses
00:30:54 – the use of blender at Makuta
00:35:27 – blender as a tool for major VFX films
00:37:46 – the tiger punch and the leopard trow by Alzahra Studio
00:40:17 – the creatures on the truck
00:41:27 – leopard trow and stuffies
00:45:03 – prison break
00:47:48 – the final forest fight
00:57:16 – other VFX shots
00:58:00 – Scott’s scenes
01:00:07 – Nacho dance
01:02:20 – Oscar nominations?
01:03:25 – Patreons and Members’ credits

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