‘Event Horizon’: You just don’t get to see this kind of raw effects footage these days

This old-school footage is direct from the miniatures set on Paul W.S. Anderson’s horror film.

Thanks to the YouTube page of Crissy Howes, you can really go behind the scenes of the miniatures shoot of Event Horizon, which is just about to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The video celebrates the work of Richard Yuricich, Stuart McAra, David Sharpe, Mark Wiengartner, Joe Viskocil and David Stuart, among others. There were 26 miniatures built in total for the film, including for the Lewis & Clark and the Event Horizon ships, ranging from a 1′ version of the Lewis & Clark to a 30′ long model of the Event Horizon. The main digital visual effects studios involved were Cinesite and CFC.

Watch the clip, below.

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