VFX Notes: OMG that goop in ‘Stranger Things 3’

Melting rats, goop, the Tom/Bruce Monster and Starcourt Mall are all covered in VFX Notes.

Hugo and Ian are back with the third in our Stranger Things series! Our VFX Notes ep on Stranger Things 3 looks into the many different–and disgusting–VFX challenges of season 3.

Check out parts 1 and 2, where we also revisit the major VFX achievements in the series so far.

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00:00 – sponsor
01:23 – the podcast begins
03:51 – season 3 short review
05:50 – film references
11:23 – the VFX
12:01 – the goop and the rats
16:43 – goop practical references
20:38 – the ‘Blob’ people
23:50 – the Tom Bruce Monster
24:48 – Ken, the human HDR
28:22 – the monster concept
31:04 – StarCourt Mall Monster
34:13 – the Beach Ball
35:16 – the destruction of the Mall
41:46 – the lab and the 2 machines
46:24 – all the other VFX
50:33 – Patreon and Members Credits

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