VFX Notes: Demodogs, Dart, Mind Flayer and the Gate in ‘Stranger Things 2’

We cover the VFX of ‘Stranger Things 2’.

This week on VFX Notes, Hugo Guerra from Hugo’s Desk and Ian Failes from befores & afters head back into the Upside Down to look back at Stranger Things, series 2. If you missed our discussion of series 2, check it out here.

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00:00 – Sponsors
00:55 – intro
01:42 – podcast begins
03:43 – short review season 2
06:02 – that opening title sequence
08:29 – the cinematography
10:07 – the small baby Demogorgon (dart)
13:06 – the stuffies
15:10 – VFX Superior Paul Graff and VFX Producer Christina Graff
15:35 – Demogorgon Dogs
18:59 – bigger scope of the VFX
19:33 – the school set extensions
21:49 – The Spores and Tunnels
23:43 – the season final and the gate
27:26 – The Mind Flayer
30:21 – the amazing reverse final shot
32:27 – the rest of the VFX
33:18 – the social impact of Stranger Things
35:25 – a nostalgic phase
37:30 – Patreon and members credits

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