Here’s the full list of 74th Emmy awards nominations in VFX

Congratulations to all the nominees.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Season Or A Movie

The Book Of Boba Fett • Disney+ • Lucasfilm Ltd.

Richard Bluff, Visual Effects Supervisor
Abbigail Keller, Visual Effects Producer
Paul Kavanagh, Animation Supervisor
Cameron Neilson, Assoc. Visual Effects Supervisor
Scott Fisher, Special Effects Supervisor
John Rosengrant, Legacy Effects Supervisor
Enrico Damm, ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Robin Hackl, Image Engine Visual Effects Supervisor
Landis Fields, Virtual Production Visualization Supervisor

Foundation • Apple TV+ • Skydance Television for Apple

Chris MacLean, Overall VFX Supervisor
Addie Manis, Overall VFX Supervisor
Mike Enriquez, VFX Supervisor
Victoria Keeling, On-Set VFX Producer
Chris Keller, VFX Supervisor, DNEG
Jess Brown, VFX Producer, DNEG
Nicholas Hernandez, VFX Supervisor, Rodeo
Richard Clegg, VFX Supervisor, Outpost

Lost In Space • Netflix • Legendary for Netflix

Jabbar Raisani, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
Terron Pratt, Visual Effects Producer
Troy Davis, Visual Effects Supervisor
Dirk Valk, Previs Supervisor
Jed Glassford, On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor
Niklas Jacobson, Visual Effects Supervisor
Juri Stanossek, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jared Higgins, Visual Effects Production Manager
Paul Benjamin, Special Effects Coordinator

Stranger Things • Netflix • Monkey Massacre Productions & 21 Laps Entertainment for Netflix

Michael Maher Jr., VFX Supervisor
Marion Spates, VFX Supervisor
Jabbar Raisani, VFX Supervisor
Terron Pratt, VFX Producer
Ashley J. Ward, Associate VFX Producer
Julien Hery, VFX Supervisor
Niklas Jacobson, VFX Supervisor
Manolo Mantero, VFX Supervisor
Neil Eskuri, VFX Supervisor

The Witcher • Netflix • A Netflix Original Series

Dadi Einarsson, Overall VFX Supervisor
Gavin Round, Overall VFX Producer
Bruno Baron, VFX Supervisor
Matthias Bjarnason, VFX Supervisor
Sebastien Francoeur, VFX Supervisor
Aleksandar Pejic, VFX Supervisor
Oliver Cubbage, VFX Supervisor
Mateusz Tokarz, VFX Supervisor
Stefano Pepin, Production SFX Supervisor

Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode

The Man Who Fell To Earth • Hallo, Spaceboy • Showtime • SHOWTIME Presents, CBS Studios Inc., Secret Hideout, Timberman & Beverly, StudioCanal

Jason Michael Zimmerman, Lead VFX Supervisor/ Supervising Producer
Aleksandra Kochoska, Senior VFX Producer
Shawn Ewashko, Senior VFX Coordinator
Simon Carr, VFX Supervisor
Elizabeth Alvarez, Senior VFX Coordinator
Richard R Reed, VFX Supervisor (Cinesite)
Jesper Kjolsrud, VFX Supervisor (Outpost VFX)
Anna James, VFX Producer
Neal Champion, SFX Supervisor

SEE • Rock-a-Bye • Apple TV+ • Chernin Entertainment / EndeavPoargCeo4n8tent in association with Apple

Chris Wright, Overall VFX Supervisor
Parker Chehak, Overall VFX Producer
Scott Riopelle, On-Set VFX Supervisor
Javier Roca, VFX Supervisor (El Ranchito)
Tristan Zerafa, VFX Supervisor (Pixomondo)
Nathan Overstrom, VFX Supervisor (Zoic Studios)
Sam O’Hare, VFX Supervisor (Chickenbone FX)
Tony Kenny, SPFX Coordinator
Tamriko Bardo, Senior VFX Coordinator

Snowpiercer • A Beacon For Us All • TNT • TNT in association with Tomorrow Studios and CJ Entertainment

Geoff Scott, Series Visual Effects Supervisor
Darren Bell, Series Visual Effects Producer
Chris Ryan, Series On-set Visual Effects Supervisor & CG Supervisor
Christine Galvan, Series Visual Effects Production Manager
Anita Milias, Series Visual Effects Production Coordinator
Jordan Acomba, Series Visual Effects Editor
Jason Snea, Visual Effects Compositor: Series VFX Production Team
Hannes Poser, Visual Effects Supervisor: Image Engine
Jamie Barty, Visual Effects Supervisor: FuseFX

Squid Game • VIPS • Netflix • Siren Pictures for Netflix

Cheong Jai-hoon, VFX Supervisor
Kang Moon-jung, CG Supervisor (3D)
Kim Hye-jin, VFX Producer
Jo Hyun-jin, Layout Lead
Kim Seong-cheol, Matte Painting Supervisor
Lee Jae-bum, Animation Supervisor
Shin Min-soo, CG Supervisor (2D)
Seok Jong-yeon, Compositing Supervisor
Jun Sung-man, Compositing Supervisor

Vikings: Valhalla • The Bridge • Netflix • A Netflix Series / An MGM Television Production

Ben Mossman, VFX Supervisor
Melanie Callaghan, VFX Producer
Vishal Rustgi, VFX Producer
Troy Tylka, CG Supervisor
Mina Gaued, 2D Supervisor
Jorge Perez, Lighting Lead
Liz Sui, DMP Lead
Blayke Nadeau, FX Lead
Summer Zong, Asset Lead

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